Friday, December 7, 2012

Delightful Christmas book

If you want a quick read, and a delightful one, read Melody Carlson's new book, "Christmas at Harrington's." I recently downloaded it to my Kindle and finished it today.

The book opens when Lena is on a bus, after being released from prison, heading for a new location to start her life over. Lena was the daughter of a hard-nosed father and a frightened mother, and she married a preacher. Or she thought he was a preacher. As the book progresses we learn that this man was not what he professed to be. He was the cause of Lena's prison term.

Lena meets new friends and thinks maybe she can put her past behind her, but that is not to be. Someone from her old life recognizes her and she is ostracized again. Fortunately. the handsome son of a friend, who happens to be a lawyer, comes to her rescue.

Read the book to find out what happens, and to delight in her friendship with a child who needs someone to love and care for her.

This is light and easy reading, with a Christian twist. From the way the book ends, I sense a sequel--maybe Romance after Harrington's-- Hope to see this book soon.


  1. Juanita, this sounds like a wonderful book and a uplifting story. I might just have to download it for my kindle. Wonderful review.

  2. Very light and easy reading that made me smile. I think you will like it, Kristy. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.