Thursday, October 25, 2012


As long as I can remember I have loved to read. My family moved a lot during my early elementary school years, but in spite of the change in routine several times, I learned to read without any problems. Both my parents were readers. My dad was astounded by knowledge. He would read newspaper articles, even encyclopedia articles, aloud to anyone who would listen. My mother, who is now 93, still reads several books a week. My two sisters and I, all avid readers, try to keep mom supplied with lots of books.

At one school where I was enrolled in second or third grade, the teachers listened to me read and put me up in the next grade. I was "double-promoted" because of my good reading and comprehension. They forgot to check my math skills, though. I still have trouble balancing the checkbook! But because of my "double-promotion" I graduated high school a year early.

When I was old enough to get on a bus in Dallas by myself, I could ride to the public library and check out my own books. I would put them in my satchel, get back on the bus to go home, and lovingly touch the books, reading the titles, and deciding which one I wanted to read first. I sat on a bench in our yard under a big elm tree that summer, reading my books. In my memory, this is when I got hooked on books.

I like to read about real people. Along with fiction, I like to read biographies and memoirs. I enjoy finding out how people overcame the trials and problems in their lives, and how they used those things to make them better people.

Later in life, after I had four children, I got my teaching degree with a specialty in reading. I worked with children who had reading problems such as dyslexia. In 2010, I wrote A HERITAGE OF FAITH based on my family. If you like to read about real life experiences, you will like A HERITAGE OF FAITH. Some of the experiences I wrote about were hilarious, others will cause you to cry. This 259 page book is available on Amazon, or directly from me.

In my blog, I will be writing about some of the things we experienced during the years we served churches where my husband was pastor. I will also be reviewing Christian books and telling about wonderful Christian authors. Maybe some of them will be new to you. Some of the books I will tell about can be found on Amazon and transferred to your Kindle free or for a small charge.

Encouraging Christian living is what my book is about. And encouraging Christian fiction is what I read. I hope you will visit my blog again. You will find entertaining stories and helpful book reviews.