Thursday, December 20, 2012

She Makes it Look Easy

Marybeth Whalen and the David C. Cook company have produced a novel that entertains, while pointing up the various personalities in a close-knit modern community. I downloaded this book to my Kindle and read it in less than two days. It is compelling, free of offensive language, and complex in its scope. The sub-plots keep the reader turning the pages faster and faster.

The author created three main characters: Ariel, Justine, and Erika, women who live with their families in the new, large homes you see everywhere, where the backyards join and people get together for fellowship and various other reasons. Ariel is the new neighbor who moves in and immediately meets Justine, whose house is directly behind her. Large play equipment for the kids are in both back yards, and because of the kids' desire to play together, Justine becomes Ariel's new "best friend." She invites her to community functions and to her church, where Justine is one of the women in charge of everything. She has her own little following of disciples, women who want to be just like her.

Erika tries to befriend Ariel, but Justine tells her to have nothing to do with her. (The reason for this is the surprise ending-- and it's very unexpected).

While these women and others are loyal to their church, their life experiences do not always reflect a Christian life. They try to follow Christ but life throws things at them that are difficult to resist. Many can relate ro these experiences and I, personally, hope to hear more from Ariel, Justine, and Erika. The website did not say Ms. Whalen is planning any more books with these characters, but I hope she does.

The cute, pithy sayings of the kids are certainly from the author's personal experience. Nobody could make up such cute things that we all hear from little ones. I hope you read this book, you will love it. Check Amazon for the price and availability.

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