Saturday, January 28, 2012

God Gave Us You

Lisa Tawn Bergren, along with artist Laura J. Bryant, created a beautiful book for pre-schoolers about how special each individual is, because God made him or her.

Every child wonders where he or she came from, and in this delightful book about a little bear cub, the uniqueness of each person is highlighted. As Baby Bear learns how he grew in his mother's tummy, little ones can relate and know that God created them in the same way.

This board book, made for little hands to hold, will be treasured as it is read to boys and girls by the parents who love them.

This book was provided to me by Waterbrook Multnomah for my honest review, and is being donated to our church library.

Friday, January 13, 2012

A Christian Mystery Romance

This new book, SHADOWS ON THE SAND, by Gail Roper combines mystery and romance to make a story that keeps the reader flipping the pages, or in my case, moving my finger on the Kindle page.

Carrie and her sister Lindsay went to the town of Seaside, New Jersey, after growing up in an disfunctional family. Carrie is hopelessly in love with Greg, a man who frequents the cafe, and who used to be a cop. They are on their way to happiness when a young man who works for them is murdered.

Many characters are introduced, among them the leaders of a religious cult that Andi, the waitress, used to belong to, along with her family. There is a lot of disfunction in the lives of many of the characters, not the least of whom are the cult leaders.
The author switches between characters many times as she begins new chapters. The reader is kept on her toes to keep up. But by the time the book is wrapping up, the excitement is high. It is hard to determine who the killer is. The author writes well and brings everything together in a satisfactory, but very exciting, manner.
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