Friday, July 5, 2013

Another Friday

I guess the summer heat, or something, got to me this week and I didn't get the post done in time. I've been reading, working crossword puzzles, and going to therapy to help the pain in my back and leg. I hope you had a great holiday yesterday, and will have a wonderful weekend.

Please read some of the older posts if you'd like to. The past two Fridays I have written about people we knew while we were pastoring churches. Our son has written some humorous and interesting articles on the second and fourth Mondays, with a great one coming up next week.

The winner of Marybeth Whalen's book She Makes it Look so Easy, will be announced on Monday, July 8. Thanks to all those who commented on that one. More authors are signed up-- Ann Tatlock, Miralee Ferrell, Cindy Woodsmall, Ann Gabhart, and Meg Moseley, to name a few for the rest of the summer.

Be sure to attend the church of your choice as we worship on Sunday.


  1. Juanita, I hope you are getting some relief from your pain.

    1. Well, what a sweet gesture, Kay! I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. I am getting better, I think. And I hope it gets even better as time goes by.