Do You Need a Speaker?

Do you need a speaker for your Senior Adult group, for a Women's Ministry Meeting,or for a special occasion at your church?

My husband and I have presented at many churches about A Heritage of Faith.  It is a book telling about our beginnings and our life as pastor and wife for almost fifty years.

We served in small churches in Texas while we were in college, then moved to Missouri so my husband could attend Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. We served there for years, then pastored a church in Texarkana, Texas, before moving back to Missouri where we are today. For a short period, he was Minister of Evanglism at a church in Miami, Florida, where he led a bus ministry bringing about 450 kids a week to the church. He directed seven junior churches that met during the worship time for the congregation, and kept a dozen buses running. However, his heart was in preaching, so it was not long until we were back in the pastorate. 

My pastor husband served as Associational Director of Missions for the last eleven years of his active ministry, while I taught at Hillsboro School, then we took off in our camper for ten years of ministry with BUDD Builders.
We were a group of retired Christians who traveled to Florida or Arizona during the winter months to build or improve churches for people  who could not afford to pay workers.                                                   

Our ministry, or I should say my husband's ministry, was to churches in trouble--churches where people were fussing and fighting, where the church needed a caring, humble leader to bring them back to a fellowship of love. He did that in several of the places where God put our family.

In my book I tell about every church, introduce the reader to some of the people we met, and tell some hilarious stories about life in the parsonage.

We do a lot of meetings for senior adult groups, telling stories from A Heritage of Faith, and making the book available for purchase.

I have also spoken at church picnics and other special occasions, and at women's groups.

Places where we have presented A Heritage of Faith:
Lebanon Baptist Church, Bloomsdale, MO
DeSoto Home Show, DeSoto, MO
Associational WMU Meeting, Mapaville, MO
First Baptist Church, Festus, MO
Senior Adult Meeting, First Baptist Church, Midland, Texas
Baugh Chapel Baptist Church, near Little Rock, Arkansas
Senior Adult Complex--The Vintage, Denton, Texas
Charter Baptist Church, Festus, MO
Fellowship Baptist Church, High Ridge, MO
Calvary Baptist Church, DeSoto, MO
Presentation for Workers at Baptist Building, Jefferson City, MO
New Hope Baptist Church, Sedalia, MO
Public Library, Carrollton, MO
First Baptist Church, Hillsboro, MO
Starling Road Baptist Church, Arnold, MO
Potosi First Southern Baptist Church, Potosi, MO
Harvester Baptist Church, St. Charles, MO
First Baptist Church Murphy, Fenton, MO
New Testament Baptist Church, Herculaneum, MO
Women's Meeting, Lake St. Louis Baptist Church, Lake St. Louis, MO
First Baptist Church Horine, Pevely, MO
First Baptist Church, LeMay, MO
Victoria Baptist Church, DeSoto, MO
Morse Mill Baptist Church, Dittmer, MO
Windemere Baptist Conference Center, Roach, MO
Emmanuel Baptist Church, DeSoto, MO
Alpine Baptist Church, Pevely, MO
Ministry Wives, Missouri Baptist Convention, 2011
Pilgrims' Rest Baptist Church, Hillsboro, MO
Oakland Baptist Church, Hillsboro, MO
First Baptist Church of Cedar Hill, Cedar Hill, MO
Pacific Baptist Church, Pacific, MO
Womens' Ministry Meeting, South County Baptist Church, St. Louis, MO

A story from A Heritage of Faith (while we were at Wayside Baptist Church in Miami, Florida)

Ishmael Del Gado (real name) came to Marvin one day, held out a little bag filled with coins, and said, "Will you take my grandpa's money?"

After talking withg him awhile, Marvin learned that his grandfather had died, and Ishmael had been given the small bag with coins that had belonged to his grandfather. He wanted to give the money to Jesus, so he grabbed the bag before he got on the church bus that Sunday morning and brought it to the man in charge of the bus ministry.

Marvin called the boy's mother and explained what Ishmael had done. She agreed that if her son wanted to give the money to God, she had no problem with it. So Ishmael brought his money and gave it to God. It was a very small amount of money, but Ishmael received a blessing by giving it to God.

The little children who rode the buses to church loved Marvin. They hugged  him many times, and one little boy would often hold him around the leg, look up into his eyes, and say, "I wish you were my daddy."

If you would like to schedule a time for us to come to do a presentation at your group meeting or at your church, here is contact information:

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