Saturday, August 13, 2011

Author Rene Gutteridge

Another new author I found during the summer of 2011 is Rene Gutteridge. I read two of her books, and they are as different as day and night.

Troubled Waters is the story of a woman who has not seen her parents for almost twenty years, because of a disagreement with her father. When he dies, she reluctantly goes home for the funeral.

At home she reconnects with her mother and many secrets are revealed. This almost 400 page book was hard to put down, and I ordered a copy from Amazon to send to my 92-year-old mother who reads even more than I do. What a great book.

I was delighted to see Gutteridge's name on another book at our library, so I checked it out. It was totally different--a police drama, on the order of books written by Randy Alcorn. This book, A Splitting Storm, is about storms in nature and storms in the lives of people.

Both these books are Christian fiction. I hope to be able to read more books by this author.

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