Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kristen Heitzmann -- Indelible

This book was a little hard to get into, because I didn't know it was the second in a series. However, I found out quickly. It gave informtion as if I already knew the characters and I had to look back several times to figure out what I was reading.. Soon, though, I was into it because it was such a good book. It is extremely well written and engaging. Keeps your interest very well, even if I was not familiar with the characters.

Trevor, an outdoor sportsman, saved a little 3-year-old from a mountain lion's jaws. His unmarried aunt, Natalie, was watching and thanked him profusely. The child's parents were in and out a few times in the book, but mostly it revolved around these two characters, their idiosyncracies and eventual attraction for each other. Trevor had some hangups from childhood, and so did Natalie, like we all do.

The real mystery began, though, with an unknown person taking children from their homes and then sending letters and pictures to Trevor. Because of his childhood problems, this upset him greatly. And because of his macho nature, he had to figure out what was going on. That is defined near the end of the book.

Another character figuring highly in the story was Fleur, a blind artist with a gallery near the outdoor shop of Trevor and the sculpture studio of Natalie.

The book is compelling, hard to put down. The ending is surprising. And I'm going to read the first one now!


  1. Hi Juanita,
    I wanted to thank you for the nice review of INDELIBLE! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and just wanted to see if you intended the half star rating or if that was an error. Just in case, 5 stars is the highest rating, and half would be the lowest. Please know I'm not trying to change your mind, :) it only seemed the rating and review didn't match.

    1. It certainly did not match. I intended to give this book 5 stars. So sorry that I made that mistake. I am rejuvenating my blog and plan to write many more book reviews. Thanks for replying to me.