Saturday, August 13, 2011

Author Judith Miller

I am an avid reader. It's not unusual for me to read two or three books a week. This week I picked up two books by Judith Miller at our public library, thinking they were a series. They were stand-alone books about the same subject--the Amana Colonies of the 19th century in Ohio. This was a religious communal group. They shared meals, the people were assigned jobs that benefited the community, and they had strict rules of conduct. They were somewhat like the Amish, but were a distinct sect apart from them.

The first book I read, Somewhere to Belong, was full of twists and turns. The plot was woven around two women, two secrets, and many subplots of those secrets. It kept my attention, and I read it in two days--all 364 pages.

The second book, More Than Words, centered around a young lady who was a writer. Of course, she was taught not to be prideful, and she thought she was doing wrong when she allowed someone to submit her work. I finished this 361 page book in two days, also. Judith Miller introduces plots and follows them through, sometimes with an unexpected twist.

I had not read Judith Miller's works before. I can recommend them wholeheartedly to people who like Christian fiction. Somewhere to Belong was my favorite of these two books. If you can only choose one, that would be my pick for you.

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