Monday, February 10, 2014

Blog winner!

Congratulations to Diana from Indiana. She won the free book by Kimberly Rae this week.

I just completed a new book by Meg Moseley--A Stillness of Chimes-- it will be out February 18.
Meg now has written three novels: Gone South and When Sparrows Fall preceded this one. If you haven't read one of her novels, you are in for a treat. Check your local library or go on-line to find one of these titles.

Another one I read this week is The Final Note by Kevin Milne. I read this in one sitting. My 94-year-old mother told me about this (we talk almost every day by long distance) and I wen on-line to find it. Since it's an older issue, I got it for $2.00 plus postage, and it was such a good book, I would have paid more to get it.

I also have been reading the Bible and many things have been brought to mind because of this reading. I'm teaching a study of Old Testament characters for some women in my church, and reading several of the Old Testaments books while we were snowed in for a couple of weeks has been a great blessing in my life.

Hope you're enjoying what you are reading these days. Tell me about a book you enjoyed recently!

In two weeks I will have an interview with Eva Marie Everson, another Christian author I met while blogging. The winner of those who comment will win of her brand new books coming out in April: The Road to Testament. Be sure to come back Monday February 17 to read her interview and enter your name to win.

Every day is one more day closer to spring. We're all anxiously waiting for that, I know. This winter has been a bad one!

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