Monday, November 4, 2013

Meet Author Angela Hunt

Q:  Hello, Angela, I’m excited to have you on my blog today. First, please tell us about your salvation experience and why you write Christian books.
A: I accepted Christ as a child, at about six years old. I was raised in a Christian family, so I was taught early about the things of God. 
Q: Please tell us about your early life. Did you always want to be a writer or did you come from a family of readers to cause you to become so prolific in your writing?

A: I never really thought about being a writer because I was a singer, and that's sort of what everyone expected me to be.  But my mother was a reader, so I was, too. I read everything I could get my hands on. 

Q: I read your book, Roanoke, the Lost Colony on my Kindle and was surprised that I had not heard that story before. In all my years of teaching children about the Pilgrims and the beginning of America, I wonder how I missed that. How did you learn about this incident and why is in not in the history books?

A:  I think the story of Roanoke is often overlooked because the colony was not a "success" by historic standards. The colony mysteriously disappeared, leaving only a few mysterious clues. When I heard that part of the story, I loved the mystery and delved into the history. The answer I came up with in my book is the one that best fits existing folklore and probability.

Q: When I read The Shadow Women about the women in the life of Moses, I was excited to read all the history you inserted into your novel. How do you go about beginning your research when you start to write?  Do you depend wholly on facts or do you write some new things into Biblical fiction?

A: I use as much history and cultural information as I can, and I try never to contradict anything I know to be true. But when you're dealing with times that ancient, you find that even scholars don't agree on timelines and such. All I could do was compare the historical sources with the Bible--my bottom line--and then do what felt most logical to me. 

Q: And you did a marvelous job, in my opinion! I was not aware of your children’s books. Tell us a little about why you chose to write books for children, and something about these books.

A: My first books were children's books, written when my children were small. I love kids, and sometimes I think I still think like a kid.  :-)  Now that I have a granddaughter, I'm rediscovering children's books and having a great time with them. 

Q: After looking through your website and reading some of the titles of your contemporary fiction, I can’t wait to get started reading some of these books. Where do you get your ideas for such up-to-date novels—dealing with everything from a bad marriage to a surrogate mother to a funeral home?

A:  I love exploring anything that interests me, and I'm interested by almost everything. And our society is experimenting with a lot of technological advances that could have dangerous ethical implications. I like exploring those issues so people can see how serious the complications can be. 

Q: Tell us about your newest book, and what we can expect to hear from you in the future.

A:  I have just finished a novel on Esther, and found her story fascinating!  I'm still waiting to find the right publisher for that one. 

Q: Angela, thanks so much for visiting with me and my blog readers today. I appreciate the time you took to answer these questions and to help our readers get to know you and your books a little better.

A:  My pleasure!  Thank you for the invitation! 
Now readers, you can download a copy of one of Angela's children's book, If I Had Long, Long Hair, for your e-reader, phone, tablet or computer. Go to Facebook, search for Angela Hunt, Novelist, and you will find the link to download the book. You will see it in color, just as it is in print. Hope you enjoy reading it.  I hope you will also comment.

Or you can go to Google, type in www.angelahunt.novelist, then click on her link for Facebook and you will be directed to Amazon where you can click on the free book. I just did it. Angela says she has a free book offered regularly, so check this site often, and see what you find.
This is the cover of the free book, copied from the Faceook page.


  1. Thanks for the free book! I will definitely check that out for my daughter. She loves reading picture books on the Kindle. It's a new age--you know. I am interested in the Roanoke book, too. I love history! :) Thanks for the interview, ladies.

    1. I thought you would like this one, Margo. So glad you stopped by to visit.

  2. Loved learning more about Angela. Love her books.

    1. Thanks for coming by, Patricia. I love her books, too. I'm looking forward to reading some more of them.