Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Faith, Hope, and Love by Kimberly Rae Jordan

FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE by Kimberly Rae Jordon


            Many times when I download a book on my Kindle that is listed as Christian Fiction, I find that it really does not belong in that category. But this book was correctly placed, and I enjoyed reading about Cassie and Quinn, a young missionary couple serving in South America. The author used flashbacks much of the time, to let the reader know what had gone on before.

            Cassie had just learned she was pregnant and planned to tell her husband that night, but during the day he and several of the men in his teaching group were kidnapped. They were held for more than five years before some of them were released. Quinn was one who was allowed to go back home, to the states, where Cassie had gone to live as a single mother when she thought she had lost her husband.

            When Quinn returned, however, he had lost his faith in God, his hope for the future, and his love for Cassie. Most of the book told about his disillusionment with God because of his wasted years, and Cassie’s trying to encourage him to be who he was before.

            Quinn was proud that he had a daughter and immediately connected with her. He connected with his sister, but he could not express love to Cassie.

            Quinn had to examine himself  before he could come to terms with the losses in his life. I think if you read this book you will be impressed. The author introduced likeable characters. At times, I wished she would move a little faster, but in the end, it was an enjoyable book.

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