Thursday, December 8, 2011

Finding Our Way Home

A new book by Charlene Baumbich (an author new to me) has made me a fan. Her character development is excellent; she made the characters come alive as I read. I will definitely be checking for new books by this author.

The book focuses on two women: Sasha, a 37-year-old ballerina whose entire life was devoted to dancing before an accident robbed her of her ability to dance, and Evelyn, a 19-year-old high school graduate who is in love and becomes a live-in caregiver and assistant to Sasha.

As the two women live and work together, Evelyn has problems keeping her thoughts to herself, and Sasha has problems with self-pity. They clash time and again until a true friendship is forged. Then, they become fast friends, helping each other overcome life problems and making each other stronger than they were before.

This book is an excellent study in personality, but it also gives insight into these two women's lives. It also gives insight on learning about love. Evelyn is in love at the beginning of the book, but she does not understand the true meaning of the word. Her parents try to help her, but she rebels against them, wanting to find her own way.
Sasha, too, is in love, but deprives herself of it for reasons you will see as you read the book. She learns to love again as she gains strength.

I recommend this book. The author gives a lot of insight into women and what makes them strong, and how they form friendships.

This book was sent to me free by Waterbook Multnomah for my honest review.

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