Wednesday, March 2, 2011


         Words Unspoken by Elizabeth Musser (2009) was about Lissa, a young lady who had been in an accident in which her mother was killed. She wanted to learn to drive again with confidence so she could go on to college and resume her life. She signed up for lessons with a man who taught driving to people whose lives had been shattered due to serious accidents. The man proves to be a philosopher as well as a grandfather figure, and he helps Lissa emerge from her shell of heartbreak and loss.

          The book is set in the Lookout Mountains of Tennessee where one can see the beauty of the mountains while reading.

           A sub-plot of the book is the publishing business. The writer offers insight into the world of writers and their ups and downs in trying to get published. New York, home of the publishers, is described so that you feel you are there, meeting the editors and workers who sometimes use shady methods to get what they want.

           The book shows how a young person, so devastated by life's unexpected turns, becomes independent again. There were many twists and turns. The  characters are clearly defined by Musser's good writing. The ending is very unexpected when an anonymous writer of many novels is revealed.

        This book will not let you put it down.  A page-turner, for sure!

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