Monday, February 21, 2011

What do you Have in Your Hand?

Sometimes we feel inadequate. Trials come and we don't feel up to the challenge. But I like the positive approach, rather than the negative. I like to think of what I can do, rather than dwell on something that is impossible.

In the book of Exodus, God called Moses to bring his people out of Egypt, where they had been living as slaves for hundreds of years. In chapter 4 Moses expressed his worries to the Lord and said, "What if they don't believe me?" I am sure he was worried for his life. His feelings of inadequacy as he contemplated going before the king of the land overcame him. He knew the power of the king and his own mortality.

God said to him, "What do you have in your hand?"

Moses said, "A staff."

God said, "Throw it on the ground."

He did, and it turned into a writhing snake.

Then God said, "Take it by the tail."

Moses reached for it, and as soon as he held the snake by the tail, it turned back into a rod again. God was showing him the wonders that He could do. God was asking Moses to trust Him.

God was proving to Moses that He could help him to do anything. And God can do the same for you and me. That doesn't mean that we can become an accomplished singer if we have never before developed our voice and learned music. It doesn't mean that we can paint a beautiful landscape if we have never held a brush.

But we can develop a talent that we we didn't know we had. At the age of 68, I began oil painting, and I found it is something I can do and I really enjoy it. I didn't know I could do it until I tried. It took some practice, but I kept on trying.

At age 74, I began writing a book. It was self-published and in almost a year, 500 copies have been sold. People I don't know have written me notes and emails about how much reading it has blessed their lives. I am still writing, sumitting articles to magazines, and have been accepted by some. Beginning in April, some of my articles will be published. I kind of feel like Grandma Moses with her paintings, as I sit at my computer writing, editing, posting, and emailing things to editors. This March, 2011, will be my 76th birthday. If I can do this, anybody can. I love learning new things and hope I never stop learning.

God wants us to look at the positives in our lives. Think of something you can do well, instead of sitting and moping because something is beyond your reach.

Are you able to draw pretty well? Go to a children's hospital and draw cartoon characters to make the children laugh. Or draw pictures for your children or grandchildren. I remember my dad drawing a cartoon character when I was very little, and I loved watching him do it.

Are you a seamstress? Make a lap robe for a person in a wheelchair or a crib quilt for a new mother. Make some clothes for a toddler whose mother needs help with clothing her little ones.

Do you enjoy cooking? Take a meal to a shut in or to a lonely person living alone. Then do the dishes and clean up the mess for the person in that home.

What do you have in your hand today? Think of something you can do for somebody else. You will brighten their world as you brighten yours.

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