Monday, December 16, 2013

Blog Winner!

The winner of Rosemary Hines' free book is Katrina. Thanks to those of you who commented.

Rosemary's trilogy is a wonderful story. Michelle Barron, the heroine in the book, tells Rosemary's story of her struggle through dabbling in the New Age movement, finding Christ as her Savior, and her life. If you read the interview, you saw Rosemary's testimony (and if you didn't, you can go back and read it. You will be blessed.)

In Out of a Dream, we meet Michelle and learn of her temptations with New Age. Once Satan gets a foothold like he did with her, it's hard to get away. But she succeeds as you will see when you read this book.

Through the Tears tells of her problem with infertility and her subsequent adoption of a baby.  Into Magnolia recounts Michelle's experience with a young girl in her class at school who is unmarried and pregnant. I downloaded all these onto my Kindle and read them in a short time.

If you want to read a great story, download these and read them. They are expensive as print, but as e-books they are quite a bargain. If you don't have a reader, you can download an app on your computer to read them.

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