Monday, October 14, 2013

Miralee is Here for Another Week!

Good morning, friends,
I'm so glad to say that Miralee Ferrell's interview will be up for another week! It was so nice of her to visit and so few people got to see her interview, so I decided to leave it up until next Monday. I'll announce the book winner at the end of this week instead of last, so you still have time to enter the contest. You can comment on any of these pages--the interview, the book review, or today's post--or you an send me an email if you can't get your comment to publish. (mjnobles (at) charter (dot) com.) I'll be checking everywhere to be sure your name is on the list. You can even go to my facebook page and leave a comment. I hope to see many more comments before I draw the name of the winner of Miralee's wonderful book!

I'm writing a 2-week assignment of devotionals for the Nazarene Publishing House and working on my book again. At our writers' meeting last Saturday, we heard from a publisher in St. Louis that is accepting submissions. So I'll be sending in my book as soon as I look it over again. So this will be a busy week for me. (What's new?--ha!)

I hope everybody is enjoying the beauty of Fall as it comes upon us. Here in our part of Misssouri it has not become colorful yet, but it's on the way.

Have a great week!

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