Monday, September 23, 2013

Book Winner--and other Thoughts

Congratulations to Diana from Indiana! She's the winner of Meg Moseley's book Gone South. Hope you enjoy it, Diana, and I know you will. Meg will be sending it to you.

I'm not posting an essay this week. Hope you'll all be here October 7 for an interview with Miralee Ferrell, author of western women's fiction. I ordered her book Blowing on Dandelions, which will be give-away for that interview, and I was hooked on the first chapter. I've been busy studying this week to teach a Sunday School lesson, so I haven't had much time to read for myself. But I'm looking forward to this week when I can really get into it.

The lesson I taught was about Hagar, the woman in the Old Testament who was the maid to Sarai, wife of Abram (before his name was changed to Abraham).  The class today was well-attended by 22 ladies and we had a great time of study in Genesis, beginning in chapter 16 and going through chapter 21--not all the verses, but just the one that told Hagar's story.

I enjoy reading, writing, and learning about the women in the Bible. They all have lessons for us. In this lesson, Sarai came up with the idea that Hagar, her maid, should have a baby with Abraham, who would then belong to Sarai. God had promised an heir to Abram, but they were getting old and no baby was in sight. We learned in our lesson that this was a wrong decision. God wanted his line to continue with the child of promise--Isaac, and it did. But God made a nation with Ishmael's line, too, the child of Hagar. What an interesting lesson we had today.

If you have not heard of Hagar I hope you will go to the book of Genesis and read about this.

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