Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Stealing the Preacher by Karen Witemeyer

This book has some of the characters that were introduced in Short-Straw Bride, so if you read that one, you will recognize the Archer brothers, one of whom is a preacher. He is on a train, heading from Palestine, Texas to a meeting in Brenham, where he will be considered as pastor for their church, when the train is held up by a group of aging cowboys. He is abducted and taken to the home of the head cowboy, because this man's daughter, Joanna, wanted a preacher for her birthday. When the dust settles, Crockett Archer discovers that Joanna's wish is to get their local church up and going again with the hope that her dad will accept God's call on his life.

Crockett eventually learns that the church he was going to has already chosen a preacher, so he returns to Joanna's home to help her rejuvenate her community church. He takes a job working for Joanna's father on his ranch.

As we meet all the characters, there are many chuckles and some out-loud laughter at the antics when misconceptions evolve into actuality. Silas, a twelve-year-old boy who is a neighbor of Joanna, has his sight set on marrying her when he grows up, but as he comes to know Crockett and draws nearer to the Lord, he realizes that his ideas may have to be changed. When Holly, the other young girl in the church, sets her goal for getting the preacher, some serious complications follow.

This is a very exciting read. Some of the old western things happen in a different way. I think you will be glad you read Stealing the Preacher or any other of Ms. Witemeyer's books. This book exceeded my expectations, and I was glad I was able to read it.

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