Monday, March 25, 2013

It Makes You Think

“It Makes You Think”

On Monday I was riding back into town after a long bike ride, looking forward to being OFF the bike at home, when right in front of me two SUVs had a major accident. I was the second person on the scene and helped two little kids and their mom get out of their vehicle. A crowd gathered and the police, fire, and ambulance got there. Amazingly, there were no obvious injuries, as I saw all the vehicle occupants walking around. After a little while I saw there was nothing else I could do so I gave my name & contact info to the police and the mom, and went on.

Very shortly after I left the scene I realized that if I had been 30-45 seconds ahead of where I was on the road, one of those vehicles would have plowed right through me. My bike would have put up very little  resistance and I’m pretty sure there are no airbags anywhere on it. I would have been severely injured…or worse.

It makes you think. If I hadn’t stopped to take pictures earlier in the day. If I hadn’t met that other cyclist and slowed down to talk. If I had made up my mind quicker in one convenience store about what I wanted. If the wind hadn’t been quite that strong. Really, any of a hundred things I did on the ride—omit any one and I’m gone.

It makes you think about what is really important. Am I doing my best? Am I doing GOD’s best? Am I being the person He wants me to be?

We all know it shouldn’t take witnessing an accident to get us to take stock of our lives—but I did witness one and I have been thinking about what I’m doing with the gifts God gave me. I’m so glad there were no horrible injuries, and I pray that the people are all OK. I also thank God for protecting me from being injured. But most of all, I pray that I’m  being submissive to God’s will for my life, and that I’m allowing Him free rein to do with me as He sees fit. Like everyone, I resist God in certain ways—and I pray that that resistance will always be on the decline.

What about you? Take stock this week. Where do you  need to give God freedom to work in your life?

(written by our son, David Nobles)

These pictures were made during VBS at First Baptist Church Midland, Texas.
The scene was on the platform, emphasizing the theme for the week of run and Bible study.
You can tell it was depicting New York.
At the time, David was on staff there as Minister to Singles.
He now works for Dawson Petroleum in Midland, Texas. And this week he and Margaret are on a Caribbean Cruise!


  1. David:
    Whenever I see an accident on a road I am traveling (and it looks like it happened just before I got there), I think the same things as you. I usually say a prayer too like THANK GOD I had to change my two-year-olds diaper five minutes before we were supposed to leave, or something like that. I recently read a book and your mom commented about it on my blog about coincidences and how they play a part in our lives. The author (Gloria Loring) named the book after a quote from Albert Einstein: "Coincidence is God's Way of Remaining Anonymous." Your story reminds me of this!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Margo. I think God plans many of those coincidences with His master plan. God doesn't really want to be anonymous, He wants to be a part of our lives, in my belief.
    I appreciate your diligence in commenting, Margo. Thanks for your support.

  3. Thanks, Margo. At the scene, these thoughts didn't occur to me--I was trying to get people away from cars, just in case. A few minutes later I stopped for a gatorade and that's when it hit me. It was a quite sobering realization. You're really at risk out there on a bike. I am glad for the opportunity to reflect, however. David