Monday, January 10, 2011

Who IS This Child?

Who IS This Child?

     Our youngest grandson is seven. Only recently he made a decision to accept Jesus as his Savior and his grandpa baptized him. In some faiths, this is very unusual, but in the Baptist church, childhood conversions are common. All our children became Christians and were baptized before the age of 10, and this also occurred with our grand- children. Growing up in the home of a pastor, the children learn the answers early. But this little boy comes up with things that you can't believe happened in a seven-year-old brain.

     Just recently he was talking to his mom about his special friend, Mike (not his real name). Chachi and Mike were talking about how much they like each other. Chachi told his mom, "I said to Mike, 'I love you, and I would die for you.' He said, 'I would die for you, too.'"

     Then tears welled up in Chachi's eyes and he said, "Mom, I don't want Mike to die for me, because he doesn't know Jesus. If I die for him I will go to heaven, but if he dies for me, he will go to the other place, and I don't want that to happen to him."

     It was hard for my daughter to talk, after a statement like that, but she said to her son, "Does Mike go to church?"

     "I think so," said Chachi.

      My daughter said, "Then maybe he does know Jesus. You could talk to him and ask him if he knows Jesus, and if he doesn't, you could tell him about Jesus."

     That seemed to satisfy the huge burden on Chachi. He said he would talk to Mike about it, and crawled into his bed and went to sleep. While he lay there in dreamland, my daughter pondered the conversation they had shared. What thoughts to come from such a little boy!

     I reminded her of something Chachi said while we were all driving back from Texas for a Christmas visit. My husband was driving and he got a little close to the car in front of him. My daughter, in the back seat, yelled, "Dad, slow down, we're all going to die!"

     Chachi, in his car seat in the middle, said, "Well, mom, that wouldn't be so bad, would it? We all know Jesus. Everyone in this car has been baptized. If we die we just go to be with Jesus, don't we?"

     The adults in the car sat stunned. What things come out of this child's mind!

      One more thing--one day we were taking him home to babysit because our daughter had to work, and were having a deep conversation. He asked about what it meant to be a Christian, what the Lord supper meant, then he said, "I have a really hard question now, Grandpa. Who are you supposed to love more, God or your mom?"

     What is this child going to come up with next?  I stand amazed.

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